Hallal Fiction by Faruq Masudi


In the deep, dark forests of the mysterious Orient, you hunt Musk and with it, prepare a bath of honey and milk for me. You engage mermaids from million leagues deep Oceans to attend on me.

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Bewildered police watch as artists resurrect  Kashmir's Disappeared.

by Uzma Falak


Two days after International Day of Disappearances, outside the auditorium of social work school at University of Delhi, I was drawn to thumbnailed pictures from Kashmir pinned onto notice-board.

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You have enforced me to disappear

By Muzammil Karim

They say you have disappeared
An enforced one

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The shikara sank

by Sobia Bhat

on the shalimar epochs,

over the frozn dal,

the shikara...

i relentlessly wanted to rove to the char chinar where your hovel was

but ,

but? the dal was all ice now

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