Half widows

This is a story of missing people, boys and men who were picked up by security forces and then simply disappeared. The location is Kashmir. Sandwiched between India and Pakistan, Kashmir is a battleground for both. Since the men are missing, not declared dead their wives are not widows but half widows'.The half widows need extraordinary courage in Living.Personally they live with the memories of their love.
(youtube.com, 1.12 mins)

He is no more-but I am Still waiting for him
Shafiqa,half-widow of kashmir.She had married Md.Abdul Hamid Badiyari.He disappeared after the security forces arrested him. At one point of time She said-I am convinced that he is no more.I saw him 6 times in my dreams saying.Take care of yourself I will not come back But Same time She said on the issue of remarriage-Remarry...I am still waiting for him. THIS IS THE REAL TRAGEDY OF THIS HALFWIDOW. Another tragedy is-Shafiqa is not only woman who is surving in this tragedy but more than 1000 women are surving in this tragedy.
(youtube.com, 13 sec)

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