• Parveena Ahanger Since the last twenty years, she has been leding the struggel against the enforced disappearances. She stands in a Park every month to fight for the sons of Kashmir

  • Solidarity of Art As Kashmir continues to be battered by the ruthless armed forces the young generation stands up in solidarity with the victims of the families of enforced disappearance. The youth are a cornerstone of the APDP’s movement against enforced disappearances..

  • Standing Strong The body long lost, the eyes shut in history The fingerprints of the traces lost in the dust of history Where did the flesh and the bones go? Where did the eyes lose their shine? The dreams once dreamt, the rhythm of life vanished, Vanished is the existence, vanished from the very facing history And they turned out to be history, the unspoken, the unnamed history.

  • Blurred Visions!!! My eyes could be tired and the images blurring, but my hope is as young as my disappeared son-in-law who went missing 21 years ago. I wait for him at home, I search for his face among the crowds and I continue to raise my voice against the perpetrators of crime of enforced disappearance.

  • Dying hopes!!! We the mothers, half widows, daughters and sisters of the persons subject to enforced disappearance demand the authorities to wake up from slumber and ignorance and give information about our dear ones. And we will continue to demand it till we breathe our last.

  • Standing together in Solidarity Standing together in solidarity: On the International Day of Enforced Disappearances students in Sikkim stood in solidarity with the people of Kashmir and protested against the enforced disappearance and oppressive law of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

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