Day: March 6, 2018

What are the Benefits of using Alternative Fuels?

Natural gas is one of several alternative fuels available for use by San Jose residents. Using natural gas offers a slew of advantages, including lowered emissions for better environmental protections, low costs, and ease to obtain the fuel. Natural gas is one of the alternative fuels San Jose CA available, has a multitude of uses. Those include:

·    Secured Energy: Around 9.4 million barrels of petroleum is imported into the U.S. each day. Around 19 million barrels of petroleum is consumed per day. Transportation is responsible for the largest consumption of petroleum. When using alternative fuels, it decreases the impact of supply and demand for petroleum, improving the energy security we face.

·    Costs: As mentioned, decreased costs is noted when natural gas is used in place of petroleum. Although the actual costs vary according to the prices of oil, you can always save a considerable amount of money using alternative fuels.

alternative fuels San Jose CA

·    Vehicle Performance Improvements: When alternative fuels are used instead of petroleum, there are significant improvements to the vehicle performance. These improvements include enhanced power and acceleration. You will enjoy each of these improvements!

·    Safe: Improved safety is another benefit. In the event of a spill, alternative fuels pose less of a threat than petroleum.

·    Decreased Emissions: New vehicles include emission control systems and must pass emission standards to legally operate. This reduces carbon footprint and emissions that harm the environment. You improve greenhouse emissions by 11% when using natural gas.

These exciting benefits only begin to entail the significant improvements enjoyed with the use of natural gas versus petroleum. If these benefits sound exciting to you, perhaps it is time to make the change. More and more people are changing their way of thinking and using natural gas. Why not be the next to join the crowd?